About Us

buildingRefresh Group Limited offers complete drinking water solutions - bottled water, water filters and purifiers. It has been producing Australia's purest water since 1997. In March 2006, it listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the code RGP.  

Its main business is bottled water. Refresh Pure Water is Australia’s largest producer of distilled drinking water with a capacity to produce more than 10,000 litres of distilled water per hour.
It has factories in Western Australia (Perth and Kalgoorlie), New South Wales (Sydney), Victoria (Melbourne) and Queensland (Brisbane and Toowoomba). Refresh is sold in pack sizes ranging from 600mL to 15L for home and office deliveries. Water coolers are available for sale or hire. 
5L packs are sold in almost all Woolworths supermarkets throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Western Australia. Refresh is also sold in a number of IGA supermarkets in Western Australia.

Refresh also markets a superoxygenated water. Oxyfresh uses a unique process to energise pure water through a GIE activator. The oxygen content is then increased by up to 700%. Add to this Himalayan crystal salt containing 84 elements essential for good health and you have a crisp tasting, refreshing energy drink without the sugar.

Another brand of bottled water marketed by the company is Refresh Spring Water. This premium spring water is available for home and office deliveries in Brisbane and Sydney.

Coconut water is now one of the fastest growing products in the beverage industry. Refresh is proud to be the Australian distributor of Refresh Coconut Water, winner of 2 Golden Stars from the International Taste and Quality Institute, Brussels. UFC Thailand is a leading producer of high quality coconut water that is marketed all over the world. 

Nespresso ® has made drinking good coffee so convenient and easy. Refresh has launched its own range of compatible coffee pods suitable for Nespresso ® machines.  

Distilled, deionised or demineralised water has many applications where a very high level of water purity is required. These include for sterilisation in autoclaves; equipment where pure water is essential - CPAP machines, steam irons and colloidal silver generators; engineering companies for hydrostatic testing and laser cutting; wet cell batteries and radiators, etc. Our distilled water is guaranteed to have less than 1 part per million of total dissolved solids. It is retailed in all Autobarn and Big W stores in Australia, Auto One stores in NSW and WA as well as Veale Auto stores in WA.

Refresh also provides contract bottling of private labels. It has been packing for the WA Water Corporation since 2000. Many other companies use bottled water as a promotional product with their own custom-designed labels.

Another division, Oz Water Filters, stocks the widest range of water purifiers in Australia.The range includes sediment and carbon filters, reverse osmosis, distillers and air-to-water generators. These include portable as well as plumbed-in units.
The wide variety ensures a drinking water solution to suit every requirement or budget. Distributorships held include AirQua from Singapore, Coway from Korea, Durastill from United States, Precision Water Systems from Canada and Megahome from Taiwan. It also supplies point-of-use (POU) water purifiers on monthly rental.